What features should a normal bong have

For all those who do know what a bong is, I could write an article about how to make your very own DIY glass bong, but the chances are if you’re reading this, you probably either have one or can easily make one yourself with little knowledge required . Instead, I thought it would be more interesting and informative to write this article about the features which every normal bong shares so as consumers can be informed as to what bongs for sale they should be looking for when the next time arises.

If you already own bongs for sale or know how to make bongs, then you may skip this section and go onto the feature section.

What bongs are made of

Bongs are normally made out of glass in one way or another (although some bongs can be made out of other materials like wood or metal but I will not be talking about that kind). Glass bongs are much more preferable than bongs made from any other material because standard glass is safer, cleaner and better quality; not forgetting cheaper too!

We will not talk about bong types (percolator bong vs recycler bong), instead we will focus on features which bongs in general have so bongs can be compared easier.

If you are looking for bongs which are made out of glass , please look at bongs which are 18.8mm thick or more. Thicker bongs are stronger and will last longer with little risk of breaking easily when dropped or knocked into something accidentally. If bong thicknesses go above 25mm, they are normally even better quality but this does not apply to acrylic bongs (which may look like glass bongs for sale) as they tend to break much easier than bongs made from standard glass .

In addition, bong glass is normally available in two different finishes: Standard Glass and Scientific/Dome Percolator Glass . Dome Percolator Bong refers to bongs which have a dome-like shape with the stem hole, but it is also used to refer to bongs which have one or more domes on top of them for more percolation.

Scientific glass bongs are bongs that contain more than one place for smoke to be held and filtered through water. These bongs normally have a ‘bubble’ at the bottom of the bong, a stem/carb hole near the top and sometimes a ‘dug-out’ section too (normally on bigger bongs). Scientific glass bongs may also come in different shapes such as round or beaker. Although this is not necessary, many smokers prefer scientific glass bongs because they believe better filtration can be achieved from bongs with multiple percolators.

In conclusion, bongs are made of glass . If you don’t know what type of bong to buy next time around, stick to bongs which may have a dome percolator or scientific glass or both for an upgrade in quality.

Do all bongs have the same functionality?

All bongs function the same way as each other so if you can figure out how a bong works by watching a five year old use one, I would be very surprised.

Now, bongs contain water to cool down the smoke which means each puff of bong can be bigger and more powerful than bong hits without water in them. This is why bongs are different from joints, bongs give you more for your money!

If you still don’t know what bongs for sale do then please refer to my original statement that “if you don’t already know what a bong is”, then why are you reading this article? The answer is simple: bongs filter smoke by pulling it through water. The bong chamber is filled with water before the bong is loaded up with your favourite herb . Once the bong is loaded up, you light the weed until combustion has occurred. At this point, smoke has formed so you can now suck on the bongs mouthpiece/downstem to pull the smoke down into the bong. When you have pulled all of your required inhalation through, put your lips over the bongs carb/shotgun/stem hole and breathe out slowly to fill up all that air space in between bong and lips with smoke . Remember that if you are not breathing out then there will be much less pressure built up inside bongs which means no smoke will come back through bongs into your lungs.

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