Delta 10 gummies 

Are THC infused edibles which use Delta 10  A very popular choice for those who love candy or tinctures, these gummies are delicious, fun and functional with their added benefits of CBD which has many healing properties that work well with THC.  Delta 10 Gummies are infusions of more than just THC, they have a combination of both CBG and CBD dissolved in MCT oil which contains advantages to each other as well as stand alone health properties.  

A handful of benefits from Delta 10 Gummies, beyond the available euphoric sensation include reduced pain levels due to increased ability for the body to absorb cannabinoids through sublingual application.  Delta 10 Gummies also have a good amount of CBG which has been shown to produce strong anti-inflammatory activity and has been reported as having antibacterial properties.  The CBD in the gummies helps ease nausea, pain and improves mood.

In addition to these benefits, Delta 10 Gummy bears are vegan friendly, gluten free, nut free and diary/gluten/soy free! Since they are a Canna Biotech product it is important to mention that they are lab tested for purity so you know what you’re consuming.  High quality ingredients means high quality products with an even better experience! Whether you have chronic pain or anxiety or just want a tasty treat to enjoy during your movie at night the Delta 10 Gummies are an excellent choice for your THC infused candy needs.

Delta 10 Cannabis Oil 

Is a concentrated form of cannabis which includes the cannabinoids CBD and THC.  The oil has no “high” associated with it, but can help to reduce pain levels, anxiety levels and general feelings of “unease”.  CBD by itself is very helpful for many issues, but sometimes these issues are better treated using the combination of both CBD and THC.  This will allow you to gain all the benefits without experiencing any type of high. The oils are available in different forms including edibles , sublingual oils/tinct, capsules or as vape oil.  They are lab tested by Laboratories for quality and purity to ensure you’re getting exactly what you pay for.

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Delta 10 Cannabis Oil is a great option for those who are looking for relief from pain or anxiety but do not want any type of “high” associated with their medical marijuana.  CBD by itself can be helpful for many different types of ailments, but CBD also works well when combined with THC.  Delta 10 Cannabis Oil has both CBD and THC dissolved in MCT oil which contains benefits of each all while remaining tasteless.  The vape oils are available in different types including edible , sublingual oil/tincture, capsules or as vape juice.  

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