@nabil.issrah Instagram Profile 7 hours ago

Miley you are nice! I understand that this reflects you as his sister knowing shawn is walking without a partner 😍

@lisamm2_ Instagram Profile 6 hours ago

Such a fantastic job at the Grammys. Omg singing with Dolly. That was fantastic. Your voice is in the most phenomenal condition. I've never heard you sing SO big. It was perfect. Blown away. Still one of the greatest voices I've ever heard. At 22 you've matured beyond your years. Congratulations 🎊🎊

@adindatalya Instagram Profile 5 hours ago

Awas ko ya genit² sma cwok ak!😤ku pijak² ko nntik!

@_aashi03_ Instagram Profile 4 hours ago

Awww I love their friendship 😭😭❤💕💕

@stephaniemvalo Instagram Profile 3 hours ago

i didn’t know i needed this combination until it happened!

@elifduzgunzz Instagram Profile 25 minutes ago

Endammmmmmın yeterrrrrrrrr göxlerinnn yeterr hahdajxnqlxjabsjq @sevvalock