@bernadette_837 Instagram Profile 24 February, 2019

@prattprattpratt To you and Elizabeth and your wonderful co- stars...THANK YOU for another great movie! Just took my kids to see it. We all loved it! ♥️

@aimirv Instagram Profile 24 February, 2019

Great movie! #2 Did not disappoint!👏

@k8tp4 Instagram Profile 24 February, 2019

During the movie our 2.5yr old yelled hey that guy that sounds like the raptor guy! 😂

@thomascasey.yt Instagram Profile 5 March, 2019

Chris is standing next to a model of a character that he voice acted

@blake7214 Instagram Profile 6 March, 2019

I used to think @prattprattpratt seemed like a nice guy. However, after he maniacally put the “this song’s gonna get stuck inside you’re head” song into my brain I now know the truth. Evil genius...Damn you Starlord!!!!

@_just_bev Instagram Profile 7 March, 2019

My son went to his schools ‘world book day’ as Emmet today!! 😊

@ckonnect Instagram Profile 15 March, 2019

I just saw the film and LOVED IT I hope there’s a 3rd part ❤️

@samwell_h Instagram Profile 16 March, 2019

Emmet looks like he's been lifting in his spare time, dude's arms are SWOL

@innocent.cb Instagram Profile 17 March, 2019

This song is gonna get stuck inside my heeaaadd.... Loved the movie chris pratt

@thewinchestertv Instagram Profile 20 March, 2019

Hey Chris, if you want to see some cartoons, check out our page, YouTube link in the bio

@melgee1959 Instagram Profile 28 March, 2019

So, just took my granddaughters to see “The LEGO Movie 2” - I know, we’re a little late to the game - it’s truly one of the funniest movies I’ve ever seen. The girls and I were laughing through the whole thing, even a couple of snort-laughs from me. Terribly cute, very funny for little ones and adults. Very charming; thanks to all of you who were involved. And, yeah - we stayed through all the credits, just like the song bade us to!

@salemalmaskari Instagram Profile 5 April, 2019

Everything is Awesome, Everything is cool when you part of a team. 😂

@harryjunior_nyc Instagram Profile 11 April, 2019

You’re such a Yuppie Douche in “Take me Home Tonight” how did you learn to cry 😭 like a Bitch Lol 😂🙃🙃🙃🙃

@302_aa_345 Instagram Profile 16 April, 2019