@giovanna_abrahao Instagram Profile 3 April, 2019

@kellyclarksonismydrug your life that must be flopped. she is the most successful singer with money, she was the singer that most bill lots of money in last year. And I lived on the side of truth, so accept that hurt less on you, my dear.😘

@giovanna_abrahao Instagram Profile 3 April, 2019

@sexbritney Pathetic is your pea brain. Go find something useful to do with your life. You're so ridiculous that I get nauseous. And I comment where I want because life is mine. Start taking care of your failed life. Kisses darling.😘👋🏻

@sexbritney Instagram Profile 3 April, 2019

@giovanna_abrahao failed? Your hideous ass must be looking in the mirror, I think the pathetic one here is the idiot replying to a comment made months ago that nobody even cares about anymore, pretty sad that you have nothing better to do with your pathetic life

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Who were you wearing? It was incredible

@giovanna_abrahao Instagram Profile 5 April, 2019

@sexbritney It's better to have 22 followers and have a brain than to have 10,000 followers and be a complete idiot like you. Oh, you must care about my opinion, otherwise you would not have answered me. Finally, honey, you're going to take care of Britney's failed career instead of saying nonsense on the internet. Kisses.💁🏼‍♀️😘👋🏻🤣

@giovanna_abrahao Instagram Profile 5 April, 2019

@kellyclarksonismydrug I'm very busy. So in an off time, I decided to answer unnecessary people like you. Thank U, Next and buy a good taste, because you do not have. Ah, I forgot that good taste can not buy, just being born again. Kisses honey 💁🏼‍♀️😘

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@rorabelleoficial 😂😂😂😂😂 madrecita la iguala con la merlín monrtoe, me da igual que te guste esta tía pero a Marilin 🤨 nó se parece en nada

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Hello baby girl.i Amos speaking to you where have you being