@grand_effin_scorpion Instagram Profile 22 February, 2019

Lol dead ass codeine crazy bro @future but shit fye it’s all about if you try to live the life of the songs lik rock music tht be tlkin bout killin they self they rarely are inspired to do wat they sing except the weak hearted who lik to be told what to do and actually abide by the lyrics

@babeanimalatl Instagram Profile 11 hours ago

☯️is everything in hit music 💯💯💯🤟🏾

@coby_cosmos Instagram Profile 8 March, 2019

Krazy but it's true 🤷🏾‍♂️ 🗣️ IF YOU LOOK ME IN MT EYYYYEEEEEE

@dopeink5k Instagram Profile 8 March, 2019

😂😂SWEAR!!! Word from the god

@1_manman Instagram Profile 9 March, 2019

Words from the wise speak truths 💯

@cgotti.nwb Instagram Profile 22 March, 2019

Realest it’s gonna get big bro he for u