@s.oftlife Instagram Profile 15 January, 2019

u are so thicc, thats why ily ❤️ nah not only bc ur thicc, u r my everything ❤️🌚😭

@manuela.soaress Instagram Profile 17 January, 2019

why does that look like Maya’s dress in that sky lodge episode

@lovin_lauren_life Instagram Profile 18 January, 2019

Wow your beautiful and we all know it. Stay your amazing self! ❤️

@goatman.solved Instagram Profile 18 January, 2019

Is it just me or does her head look bigger than her body :/ no hate <3

@pettypriscilla_ Instagram Profile 20 January, 2019

listen man can u please go to the fucking falls like me n valeria are out here going for u guys yk so it can be all of us yk like yea we wont be there for the movie but thats u n hailee time like , dont u wanna see us all tf , she isnt meeting up w no one ppl always say on their stories “falls tn” like its not that big man like yk come one mr.joseph. @elijah.odio

@yonatan_smolyar Instagram Profile 19 hours ago