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    5 January, 2019
  • This time next year we WILL be in the playoffs ...
    This time next year we WILL be in the playoffs ...

    This time next year we WILL be in the playoffs ...

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@1.derek Instagram Profile 7 July, 2019

Well that promise was broken nigga 💀😂😂

@etay_3 Instagram Profile 27 March, 2019

yes u will on the browns

@jason.leasure Instagram Profile 20 March, 2019

When this was posted, I saved it, and made a collection of all my sports pages. Since then, whenever I save something here, it is this photo that comes up. I still can’t believe it happened. Odell Beckham jr is not a New York Giant. The words sound surreal to me. Before you, I liked football, but you made me a fan, a mad crazy football fan that could argue for hours how you were the best receiver in football, a fan who would have his room decked in giants gear, with signed photos, a jersey, and a football, and a poster of the legendary “catch”. You were the reason I fell in love with following the game. My first ever football game was against the Ravens. First drive, you fumbled, everyone was upset, but I said you would bounce back. You went on to win us the game. I’ll never forget that 4th&1 slant. I can keep going forever about all the memories you brought me, and fans every where. #THANKYOUOBJ for everything. I’ll never forget you.

@landenfrey Instagram Profile 15 March, 2019

ur right “this time next year we will be in the playoffs” ur be in the playoffs because browns going all the way