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I did this too! At the same place 😄

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Nice photo, there is no need for more words, I just wanted to say 😍👌

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Turns out the wailing wall in Jerusalem isn't the western wall of the temple. It's Roman stones not Jewish. The temple mount was a Roman fort. Not the Hebrew Temple. So there is no barrier to building the 3rd Temple. I think this year we will see the Jews declare the correct spot. And start to build. This will kick in the peace treaty. Everybody get ready. Here we go! The rock under the dome of the rock was where pilot sentenced Jesus. It's possible this is the wall Pilot stood on with Jesus on one side and Barrabas on his other as he gave the crowd the choice of who to pardon. If this is the case the Lord may have allowed the Jews to pray at that spot so now as the truth breaks the Jews who have gone to the wall will have to confront the truth and many should accept Jesus and get saved. It certainly seems the truth of the wall has been hidden until this time. Jesus said in Mathew 24 no stone of the Temple will be laying one on the other so the wall can't be of the Temple. And this always confused people. Because Christ said it. Now we know everybody but Jesus was wrong all along. This is big. Archeologists figured it out ^^ if they r right. The dimensions of the perimeter of what was believed to be " the temple mount" are exactly the same as every other Roman fort found throughout the Roman Empire. Josephus always said the Temple was in the City of David. Everyone said "well Josephus was right about everything but where the Temple was". But Josephus was correct. He said where the Temple was nothing existed there after Titus destroyed Jerusalem in 70 AD.. Just like Christ predicted. The only thing left was the Roman fort Antonio because they didn't wreck their fort. Christ's prophecy is correct. Of course!