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I had this idea, remember Dr. Carter track. Why not make a Dr_Wheezy track where you increase awareness about lean and what it does to a person and how you overcame it? This can help a lot of people that are into the lean and can't function or breath without it. You were strong enough to stop. Think about it. One love. CMB

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Was never a fan of you i gave the album a try and it's rap that i can appreciate you and em got me through 2018!!! Thanks wayne

@100tej Instagram Profile 25 February, 2019

Mind checking out my music? ๐ŸŽถJus lmk what ur honest opinion is. Iโ€™ll follow u back too
If u make music too lmk so I can listen to it. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿพ

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Had a crush on#@liltunechi since the juvy days after you back it then stop then what what what drop it like it's hot til the Carter 1 2 3 5 favs songs comfortable lily pop Amili steadymobbing ,I brought my 1st key from my bm brother,got money ft tpainMrs officer,The list is waaay to long Definitley q G.O.A.T in The Hip hop game/Rock in Roll/pop genre๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐Ÿ”ฅ๐ŸŽถ๐ŸŽ™๐ŸŽง #Legend

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Nobody Is a bigger fan of lil wayne ive been a fan of you since you hot boyz days now look at you man congrats wayne keep dropping heat

@bxd_gxy2 Instagram Profile 17 March, 2019

That Mona Lisa Is My medicine

@aaronroberts4010 Instagram Profile 19 March, 2019

That carter 5 wasn't shit i i just listened to at 2:30 in the morning 03/18/19 it sucked ass the bar's was the shit. That track wit his daughter is a classic i salute that track i salute the wayne bars but it wasn't a well put together album and somebody tell bro kutt the hair dye it back black start over wit a baby fro . congrats to bro on the album i luv seeing bro win oh that xxx track i like it

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Im Me I Took Her Whip Game Proper Watch My Shoes Zoom Im Blooded Nike Boots remix Ya Heard Me remix Back To The Money remix Yellow Tape Bitches And Bottles Bitches Love Me After That No Lie Jumpman Big Wings Wish You Would Levels Believe Me Hollyweezy Cross Me Coco 3 Peat Fed Up Remix Hail Mary Bloody Mary Top Back Remix Upgrade U Wasted Run This Town Hello Brooklyn Mrs Officer Bottom Of The Bottle Im The Truth Workin Em Bitches Money Ova Here Ambitionz Az A Rydah Hit Em Up Ima D Boy Fireman Go DJ Leather So Soft Pop Bottles Brand New Uptown Magnolia Mula Gang Krazy Living Right Post Bail Ballin Balllin Remix Why I Do It Awkward Young Fresh And Shameless YFS Pricele$$ Murda I Can Transform Ya Stupid Wild Remix Yeahhh Gd Up No Worries No Mercy Green And Yellow I Told Ya No Problems Fucking Problem Pure Colombia Shoot Me Down Same Damn Tune So Dedicated Live My Life Back From Da 80s Get Ya Gat Thought It Was A Drought 5 Star Fly Away Everyday We Sick Sick Dusse Moment Bank Account For Nothing Girls All Around The World Tell Me Mirror Deep Beware Down Unstoppable feat Kat Deluna Take Kare Megaman American Dream No Quitter Go Getter Kobe Bryant Right Above It HYFR Hell Yeah Fucking Right Miss Me Forever Remix Misunderstood You Aint Got Nothin On Me Remix President Carter Cant Be Broken Dedicate Let It Fly Hittas Open Safe Where My Old Lady Got Em What About Me Goat Talk Two Dollar Bill Wit Me Commas Two Shots Bring It Back Money To Blow Running Back Hold Up Strange Clouds Hollywood Divorce Loyal Look At Me Now Remix Ejected Y U Mad Dark Shades You Mad Yet Yuck Real As They Come Pussy Monster La La La Do It Again 30 Minutes To New Orleans Kush I Feel Like Dying Cash Money Nigga Nigga Wit Money Everyday Gangsta Where Ya At Street Chainz Gumbo Su Wu We Alright @liltunechi