@clicketynick Instagram Profile 12 April, 2018

Got an Audi? Why not fix traction issues by purchasing a third party engine component?...OR they could just sort G/B tuning issues at factory level by increasing scale length...sorry, fuckem mate. They deserve to go down..There's better, more stable and cheaper gitfiddles out there. #lovemygibsons

@thebendrakecollective Instagram Profile 12 April, 2018

@clicketynick I know what your saying mate. Been frustrating as waited a loooong time to get this Guitar. Thought long and hard about giving her up as it just would not hold its tuning, so playing it in a set was pointless. But just love the look and feel of it so if this has fixed the problem and I can use it live Iโ€™m a happy man...๐Ÿคž๐Ÿผ

@clicketynick Instagram Profile 12 April, 2018

@thebendrakecollective totally hear you pal. Don't get me wrong. I'm a gibson owner, lover and player....335 has been my work horse since the 90s. Just annoys me that they haven't addressed obvious issues with their kit, and YET still hiked their prices beyond the average player..

@dons2112 Instagram Profile 20 October, 2018

About to put one on my SG in exactly the same way. Still happy with it ?? Thanks !