Charming Women’s Smart Causal Fashion Tips

Women’s smart casual style is now starting to be glimpsed by many people. During this time, maybe many people think that casual is casual clothes that seem informal. However, over time, this style began to be combined with a smart impression like a professional appearance, especially when in a work environment.

This woman’s smart casual doesn’t mean business casual, right? Although at first glance they have similarities, smart casual women prioritize fashion over business casual which tends to be more formal attire. To appear in the smart casual style of women, no special items are used.

Because smart casual is the end result of one’s appearance. To apply this style, it’s actually not difficult, really. As long as you can mix it up properly. If you want to look smart casual, you should listen to the following tips:

Match Tops with Appropriate Bottoms

To appear smart casual women, you must be able to combine superiors with subordinates appropriately. For this style, avoid colors that are too contrasting and colliding. And clothes that are too complicated, and choose tops and bottoms with simple designs.

You can also choose tops and bottoms with the same color. Well, what is meant by this match, does not mean it has to be the same, yes. For example, you can combine light colors like white with a slightly darker color to give a slightly stiff impression that is the hallmark of office outfits.

Pair a Bright Blazer and a White Dress

Want to look smart casual women with elegance? You can try combining a bright colored blazer with a white dress. For the blazer, choose one that has a vintage cut with a large stud accent. As for the shoes, you can use neutral colored heels, and definitely don’t collide with the color of the dress and blazer you are wearing. To make your appearance look more elegant, you can tie your hair in a ponytail.

Blazers with Matching Colored Bottoms

To appear in the smart casual style of women, it is not difficult. In fact, you can make it happen just by combining your blazer or long coat. Blazer or coat is a very versatile outer so you can wear it on top of anything. From jumpsuits, two-pieces, to dresses, your appearance instantly looks stunning. If you want to look more level, you can wear heels with the same color, yes.

Avoid Using Midi Skirts or Dresses

Initially, mini skirts became the hallmark of female employees in a company. However, over time, these fashion trends began to be abandoned. And the company also allows its employees to wear long skirts or trousers. Of course this is good news for those who are not comfortable wearing mini skirts.

In addition to being uncomfortable, the use of mini skirts or short dresses in the work environment will also eliminate the professional impression, you know. As a solution, you can use a skirt or dress with a length that exceeds the knee. Also avoid wearing a skirt that is too tight, because it will only hinder your movement when working.

Pair a Blazer with Jeans

For those of you who have a lot of solid activities outside. You can try this woman’s smart casual style. Namely combining a blazer and jeans. A look like this can not only be worn for formal events, but you can also apply it to semi-formal to non-formal events. Don’t forget to wear sneakers or flatshoes to make it more catchy and trendy.

Blouse and Pants Material

If you are bored with the use of a blazer, you can replace it with a blouse that is combined with pants with a culotte design. With a slightly wider design, you are free to move, and of course it will give a professional impression. Besides being more professional, combining blouse and material pants will make you look cuter, you know.

Cape Blazer and Culottes

A cape blazer and culottes are a great combination that you can make as an outfit of your choice. This woman’s smart casual style, you can wear for semi-formal or formal events. The fallen culottes will combine elegantly with a cape blazer which is specifically for women who are active, energetic, but still feminine.

Combining T-shirt and White Blazer

If you want to appear on point, you can combine a white t-shirt and balzer. In addition to making it more on point, this look will also make your style more classy. Don’t forget to pair it with a patterned long skirt and sneakers. With this woman’s smart casual style, you are guaranteed to look more charming.

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